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Partial Hospitalization

When a patient first approaches Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility, it can be difficult for them to imagine what treatment options are available to them. Some assume they will be outpatients – they will go home at night during treatment – and some assume they will need to in residential care – overnight. But there is a third option that is available to the patients at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility known as partial hospitalization. This is a combination of time spent in residence and time spent at home, depending on the rehabilitation program that has been recommended by the medical professionals working at the treatment facility.

Dr. Hobson, Director of Services, along with the CEO of Creekside Ranch Treatment Center, Daryl Monteilh, have put together a comprehensive and collaborative approach to treating addictions, mental and psychological disorders, mood and emotional disorders as well as sexual trauma. The medical professionals and support staff at Creekside Ranch Treatment Center offer a wide range of services under the partial hospitalization programming in a comfortable environment.

The Staff at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility

When it comes to coordinating partial hospitalization treatment plans, our staff work with social workers, case workers, counselors, and doctors to make sure all the pieces are moving in the right direction to ensure the patient is not lost in translation. Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility is proud to off low staff to patient ratios of 2 staff members for every 3 residential patients. This means that patients who are in and out of residential treatment programs on partial hospitalization plans gain excellent access to knowledgeable and helpful support staff. Our treatment facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Focusing on the whole body and a well-rounded approach to rehabilitation, Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility provides world-class staff and facilities to help patients get better sooner.

The Treatment Facility

Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility offers a beautiful and comforting environment for partially hospitalized patients to enjoy. A patient is partially hospitalized when they need some time to adjust to life in a rehabilitation program, but are not so inundated with their treatment plan that they cannot return home for periods of time. When in residence, patients have access to one of 16 beds, the use of the swimming pool and gymnasium, as well as the gardens and hiking trails. There is also a number of meeting rooms for private and group counseling sessions, and a dining hall to enjoy a nutritious meal.

With round the clock care, patients can rest easy knowing they are being looked after at a world-class treatment facility focusing on the recovery of the whole self, and not just the addiction or disorder they were originally admitted for.

The Importance of Ongoing Care

When a patient is admitted for partial hospitalization programming, it is important their ongoing care program that they stay in close contact with the staff at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility. The facility also works with a number of outreach programs and centers in the area and can provide referrals to other facilities when patients are not in residence at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility. This collaborative effort allows the patients to receive excellent quality of care from a number of industry professionals.

Partial hospitalization patients may find they only need to be at the treatment facility for a few hours a day to receive counseling or speak with their case manager or social worker. Every patient is assigned a case manager, social worker, and counselor within 24 hours of being admitted to the Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility. Weekly assessments and follow-ups are also conducted to ensure the treatment plans are going according to plan and patients are progressing as expected.

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