Treatment for Drug Addiction in a Residential Rehab Center


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Residential Rehab

Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility is pleased to be able to provide its patients with a residential rehabilitation program that allows patients to be admitted to our beautiful and supportive campus, where they can receive the best possible care for addictions, mental health disorders, psychological disorders, sexual trauma and mood disorders.

Under the care of Dr. Hobson, the Director of Services at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility, the professional staff and support workers take great pride in providing a personalized treatment plan for residential rehab patients.

Working with caseworkers, social workers, and counselors, patients who are admitted to the residential rehabilitation programs offered by Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility will participate in a well-rounded, whole body treatment program that helps patients get well sooner.

What are the residences like?

When you make the decision to enter into a residential treatment program, you may be worried about your surroundings and what it will be like to stay in a treatment facility. At Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility, we are proud to offer patients the full use of our grounds including the gymnasium, manicured gardens with fruit trees, access to the swimming pool and hiking trails.

Our residential facility is equipped with 16 beds, 10 that are reserved for PHP and intensive outpatient services and 6 that are reserved for our detox and residential patients required more intensive care.

The staff is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and each resident is assigned a case manager, counselor and social worker that is dedicated to the improvement of their health.

 There is also a dining hall where residents can eat meals, and meeting rooms where group counseling sessions take place regularly.

What does a residential treatment plan look like?

When you are admitted to Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility, you will undergo a series of assessments with your dedicated group of treatment professionals. These assessments include a bio-psycho-social exam that is completed within 48 hours of being admitted to the treatment facility. In addition, patients undergo a treatment assessment and receive a treatment plan within the first 72 hours of their residency at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility. When appropriate, family counseling sessions are conducted within the first 14 days of admission to the facility as well.

The Staff at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility

The professional and highly trained staff at Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility will work with you to determine the best course of action for your residential treatment plan. When patients enter our residential rehab programs, they are assigned staff members at a ratio of 2 staff members for every 3 residential patients. This ensures the quality of care and attention that is needed during a residential rehabilitation program. Constant care is sometimes required to see a patient from admission to recovery, especially during times of great duress and anxiety about recovery and rehab, itself.

Aftercare and Community Outreach

Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility works extensively with community outreach organizations and other residential treatment centers to ensure the continuity of care after residential treatment has ended for a patient. When a patient leaves, the facility, short term, and long term plans are put in place to help them cope and integrate back into their everyday lives. Working with outreach programs that can provide follow-up services and ongoing counseling, Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility is able to provide a full experience of care and support.

Because Creekside Ranch Treatment Facility operates on a 24-hour basis, discharged patients may also return to the facility if they feel they are in need of emergency help or counseling. We understand the stress associated with trying to reintegrate back into life, and we want our patients to feel comfortable as they continue on their road to recovery.

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